We are currently recruiting for a General Manager to join us at Distrikt Hotel Pittsburgh

We're in search of a team leader, the Big Kahuna, aka Top Dog of a new and exciting boutique hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh. Featuring 185 guest rooms in a historic building painstakingly repurposed with travelers’ in mind, Distrikt Hotel Pittsburgh promises to be one of the most interesting hotels that Pittsburgh has seen.  

Our General Manager will be responsible for extending our culture of phenomenal customer service, excellent team relations, and solid financial returns.  We are looking for someone eager to build a team based on personality and inherent skills, using hands-on, lead-by-example management.

IF you:

  • Have a strong background in Sales

  • A deep understanding in Social Media

  • Are proficient in working with macOS, iOS and cloud based platforms.   


  • Have hospitality experience of at least 5 years.

  • Have managed a team of more than 5 people.

  • Think so far out of the box, there is no box.

WITH a few (or all) of these Super Powers thrown in:

  • Superhuman Strength - Able to leap tall ideas by proper planning, motivation and execution.

  • Precognition - Being prepared for potential service interruptions before they happen by communication to and from your team.

  • Telepathy - Knowing when an internal or external guest needs assistance, or simple conversation.  

  • Evocation - Using the past to properly plan for the future and guiding the team.

  • Invisibility and Teleportation - Empowering your team to work independently, but always being present when they need you.

  • Supervision - Ability to read situations and people through their body language.

  • Reality Warping - Turning a negative customer service experience into a positive.

THEN we can offer:

  • The opportunity to open an exciting 100% Independent Boutique Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh.

  • The opportunity to work alongside a team that values input, communication and problem solvers.

  • The opportunity to be yourself and the best you can be in a relaxed innovative culture with the support of an eclectic team of hospitality professionals.

  • The opportunity to challenge the norm and work in an environment that is both creative and rewarding.

  • Receive a competitive package with a significant opportunity for career development


SO - contact us, maybe?